Saturday, May 24, 2008

Grass Fueled Transportation!!

I'm a member of a local CSA and we get occasional emailings from the farmers, describing what's happening down on the farm. It's fun to hear about the organic, homegrown food that will soon be on our table. If I can't live on a hundred acre farm, it's the next best thing. These are a few clippings from the updates:

CSA Update April 20th titled April Showers:

"I have discovered that groundhogs love pea plants, that planting 400 lbs of seed potatoes equal over a mile in linear footage, 40 year old tires on equipment do rot out, and April showers really do matter.  Did you know they no longer manufacture 4.00x12 tires?"

CSA Update May 13th, titled Rice Farming?:

"Our rainfall total at the farm was 7 inches; 6 inches of that fell in 15 hours. Needless to say, we have experienced some damage to the crops and to the land.  The wind loosened up several row covers and bruised the lettuces and greens underneath; the extreme amount of water literally washed some plants out of the ground, while covering others up with mud" 

CSA Update May 22nd, 

"Today was a good example of farming.  I cut hay in the morning, felt pretty good about it since my 40 yr old haybine didn’t break down.  Then I went to clear out the multi-flora rose from around the barn that Patty is allergic to (“if you want me to pick veggies…”).  I figure a couple of hours with the chain saw and front end loader.  Seven hours later I finally finish replacing the water hydrant that was broken by the fence that was knocked over by the multi-flora which fought the tractor every step of the way.  Patty says she’ll pick veggies with me now." 

So yesterday my niece came over to go riding but instead we hooked up the horse and cart. We rode off to pick up our weekly veggie treasure. I asked hubs to take a few pictures as we left.

CSA Update yesterday: 

"I enjoyed seeing all of you who picked up boxes today. We really enjoyed having our first horse drawn pick up. One of our members arrived with her horse pulling a cart. It did my heart good to see her vegetable box attached to the back of the cart with a bungee cord as her lovely mare, Dusty, headed anxiously for home!"

We brought a box home, strapped to the back of our cart, labeled "Fresh Vegetables". Inside was a list of what the box contained. This weeks box had:

1 large bunch of bull's blood beets

1 lb of arugula

1 1/4 lb buttercrunch lettuce

2 heads of baby bok choy

6 cherriette radishes

6 candela di ghiaccio radishes (white)

As I'm still working on last week's kale, still just juicing up last weeks arugula, and still pushing last weeks butter crunch lettuce onto everyone's plate, now I'm not as concerned about my upcoming 92 day juice. I feel I'll be well stocked with green juice!


Joanna RawTn said...

Hey RAwbin! I am working on getting with my local CSA too! Thanks for reminding me. Love, love, love the horse & buggy photos! :D

We just reconnected this morning with a friend of ours in LA that does buggy rides for weddings, etc. You might get some ideas from her web site or at least find it fun. Have a great holiday!

deaintheraw said...


I love hearing about your life in southern Maryland. I too belonged to a organic food coop (not a CSA I think) in DC back in the day, we'd get a box of fruit and veggies delivered each week. Your area looks so pretty. Have a wonderul day and hope your headache passes soon. Ti mando un abbraccio (sending you a hug) xo Dea

Linda Salas said...

Ahhh don´t take that kind of organizations for granted!! I so much wish we had those kinds of systems here in mexico, and although I get a lot of organic stuff it is not that direct from the farmers themselves. I hope you are feeling great on the juices!!!

RawBin said...

Hey twitter friends, thanks for stopping by!
Joanna, I liked that website! Wings on a cart horse! Cute idea!
Dea, Yeah, Maryland is great. Our 4 seasons are very distinct, but not too extreme, we're as close to the mountains as we are the ocean, big cities and cute little farms...
Linda, this was an opportunity I couldn't possibly pass up. The farmers (all one family) are a wonderful hardworking group. There were limited spaces and I grabbed one up as soon as I could. A nice thing about it is how close it is! By road it's about 1 1/2 miles.