Sunday, September 7, 2008

Off 2 TWITTsburgh, Pennsylvania

We watched Kevin and Annmarie film their Renegade Health show and, hey look, we're famous, haha! Blaq Berry(our "Durian Queen") brought durian for Wendi and Annmarie to try. Kevin was skeptical because he'd tried mail order durian once and didn't like it. He tried it again and... well, you'll just have to watch this to find out what they all thought(see video below): CLICK HERE!

The Dee's very own KDcat is quite a talented artist. I loved her kitty fashion line so much that I took pictures. Annmarie loved it so much she convinced KDcat to part with this piece!
Of course we had to do a final RawFuFoto!

Here's Kevin goofing around High Raw Energy style in Wendi's back yard.

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Wendi Dee said...

I miss you sooooo much! You are a bright shining star in my life, making the world so much more beautiful.

I love you, Rawbin!