Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mixing Business With Pleasure

Using Twitter, Joanna and I kept tabs on each other as we worked our way towards Norfolk, Virginia. She left Tennessee to pick up her son from camp in North Carolina. She had a dehydrator full of onion bread in the trunk! 

I drove down from Maryland stopping at each and every West Marine along the way. I'd go in to the store, ask to see the Maryland Cruising Guide and the Virginia Cruising Guide, ask them to hang our poster in the break room, straighten the shelf, ask for the manager's name and move on. 

By 7 PM the West Marines were closed(yay!) so I headed over to a Richmond Raw Food Potluck. I was excited because I was going to meet Laura Fox from Sedona Talk Radio. Laura is great! I've been listening to her raw foodist podcast interviews and have used them as helpful motivation. (If you want to listen to other inspiring podcasts, you should really check out my twitter friend Revvell's podcast interviews. She's been making some serious raw food connections.)
There was an amazingly wonderful squash soup that Laura whipped up just as I arrived. There had been a platter full of collardgreen veggie wraps but only one left when I got there. Laura cut hers in half and shared it with me. Other treats there were a peach cobbler that really tasted baked, and two flavors of ice cream. I certainly didn't starve. I brought my raw date caramel(dates, lemon, vanilla) and we dipped dried yacon pieces in it. 

I was worried that I'd be keeping Joanna waiting so I took off for Norfolk. We laughed as we both pulled into the hotel parking lot at the exact same time! Joanna finished drying her onion bread overnight and I brought Joanna my mini gRAWsshopper pie.

It was her son's first trip to the Atlantic ocean, so we headed straight to the beach in the morning. 
I got some great pictures of them playing and enjoying the fresh sea air.
We dug holes in the sand and we even had a triathlon pass right by us. 
Here is FruitFreek running in the lead! 
Joanna was truly a diva with her lacy skirt and her long flowing hair!
Rawbin and RawTN Diva Chicks!
She requested no swimsuit pictures, but I thought this one would be okay.

I left the two of them playing at the beach while I stopped by 3 more West Marines and then Joanna followed me back to Maryland (see her slide show)(and her other slide show) to a Spirited and Blissful Adventure. We munched on fresh kale and fruit along the way. Got lost at the pentagon and proceeded to meet up with BlaqBerry and her Hubs, AlienImplant.


deaintheraw said...

Fruit freek is the cutest,
it looks like you ladies had lots of fun.
grawshopper pie...hmm pls share the reccie when u get a chance..We are still thinking about your wonderful maple walnut icecream here, even Enrico says it was good and he's not that generous with the raw food compliments. See you soon xo Dea

Joanna RawTn said...

I love it! Those were some really fun times! I especially loved the part at the pentagon, lol!

Wendi Dee said...

You've been having such a fun summer visiting everyone!! The beach pictures are awesome! I didn't get to the beach this summer.

Thanks for sharing!

I love you, Robin!