Saturday, July 12, 2008

Road Tweeps with Twitter Peeps!

When we drove up to California University for my daughter's student orientation we arrived late at night. We stayed overnight at WendiDee's house. It was a really cool house with lots of old stained glass windows. Her family, although a little weirded out at having a couple of strangers at the door, welcomed us into their home graciously. Wendi just explained to them that I was part of a Faerie Festival, like that explains everything, haha! 

In the morning Wendi warmed up the sauna, provided gentle relaxing music, with scented oils and lighted candles. It was almost like a dream. Later, we all met again in the kitchen where Wendi showed her skills at removing all the meat from green coconuts all in one piece! We munched on watermelon while she whipped up two dreamy smoothies: a vanilla/hazelnut custard flavor and a carob/banana flavor. 

I wished we had more time to visit, I wanted to hear Wendi's hubs play the piano(jazz, I think). Her daughter was working on a purple/gray painting that remarkably matched the evening scene we saw . The painting you see behind us in the picture is also hers. We said our thankyous and goodbyes, leaving with a chunk of mint from Wendi's driveway. 

The college orientation staff provided "food", none of which I could eat, so I was glad I had an ample supply of produce to munch on. Also, I crumpled mint leaves into my water bottle and was satisfied. We shopped around a bit, a college t-shirt and skullcandy headphones for Ivy (both black of course). We stayed in the college dorm that night. The next day we attended a few more seminars before heading home.


Penni said...

I want to go to Wendi Dee's house and spend the night. I've tried to get coconut meat out in one piece but I have yet to be totally successful....I must know her special secret!! You all look so beautiful. I love you!!!

Wendi Dee said...

I wished you could have stayed longer. I hope to see you again sometime soon, Rawbin!!

I love you!