Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tweet Meet Down by the Bay

Dea came down the first weekend of August to stay with us and spread out a little. She was renting a tiny apartment in D.C. but wanted to show her Italian family some of beauty of the area. I picked them up at the train station and was able to show them farmland. We picked up produce from my local CSA(community supported agriculture) and then went to a local watermen's restaurant
The next day we went to my mom and dad's house for an afternoon of chatting,
swimming, kayaking, and sailing.
The tiny specks out on the water are of us 
and our children paddling or sailing little boats.

Dealivinglotus finally gets to meet Blaq Berry.
My hubs is talking with Alien Implant while Enrico takes pictures of the Chesapeake Bay off in the distance. We had raw treats and sweets to share.
Before the sun began to set, we went off to my friend's farm for a carriage ride. My lifelong friend and best buddy, Susie is always looking for an excuse to hook up the Frank-The-Horse for a little schooling. She loaded up my twitter friends and headed on down the road.
A view from the carriage. Waaay Coool!
Dea is "bonding" with Jane. Keep your fingers away from the teeth!
The long driveway. 
The water in the background leads out to my parent's place around the corner.
Frank poses for a picture before we all say our goodbyes.
The last day was a trip to monuments in D.C. I was chauffeur with Dea as my navigator. I'd drop them off at a monument, circle the block or rest in the shade somewhere. Then they'd hop back in the car for another short trip. It seemed to work out perfectly. The bell tower chimed just as we were standing under it. The American flag billowed out just as we were photographing it. My car stopped right under a rainbow to let them out at the cool new National Harbor... My car wouldn't start again. It was stuck in park, in the middle of a busy street, ontop of a crosswalk. I stopped a passerby and as other drivers honked at the car in their way, I had my photo taken, smiling under a rainbow. What else could I do but laugh about it(I did have a little cry about it, too!) The family from Italy had to take a cab back to their apartment and I got a ride home in a towtruck. Well, almost perfect!


Wendi Dee said...

I love how you are always out and about, having fun!

I love you!


shannonmarie said...

I wish I could've been there. Looks like you had a wonderful time.