Friday, February 6, 2009

(Part 2) J.O.B. (Joy of Being) at the Raw Spirit Festival

September 10th through 14th

So, my experiences were so wonderfully magical at the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, that it took me a long time to write about them. I posted a few pictures immediately afterwards, but never told about it. The entire experience was just so amazing to me. So synchronistic. I remembered, kept notes, but never went any further in blogging about my week... Until my friend needed an article for her blog.  

Copied from (Don't worry, it's my article!):
Some of you who are new to raw foods may be happy to learn that there are festivals for individuals interested in the raw foods lifestyle! They are a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded friends. For those of you who attended the Raw Spirit Festival in 2008, seeing images from that event may stir the magical memories you collected while there.
Below is part two of a two-part guest piece by Rawbin Anderson, in which she recounts her 2008 Raw Spirit FestivalJ.O.B. experiences of working in the kitchen. Rawbin is now the Raw Spirit Festival East Coast Manager and can be reached at Rawbin [at]

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