Saturday, June 21, 2008

Shortened Colon = Shortened Juice Feast

Juice Feast Day 21= new goal 30 day juice feast. *sigh*

In the first week of Juice Feasting, I lost ten pounds. As far as I know, one headache was the only real reaction I've had. During all 3 weeks, I've had lots of energy, I've felt good, healthy, light, sleeping little, but sleeping deeply and I've been waking well rested. I had prepared to do the full 92 days but I had a few concerns. 
Since I'm only working on 2/3 colon, I had been wondering how this might affect my body. A few days ago, I sent David Rainoshek a letter describing my history, asking him his opinion on doing the full 92 days. As I have had a third of my colon removed and I've been transitioning into raw for almost a year, would he recommend I have a shortened juice feast or can I still plan to do the whole 92 days?
On Jun 20, 2008, at 10:49 PM, David Rainoshek wrote:
Hi Rawbin,
Great to hear from you, and congratulations on your successes thus far with plant-based live foods.
I am not a doctor, so I can only let you know what I would do if I were you, and that would be:
Juice Feast for 20-30 days at a time, and then move back into a less intense cleansing physiology, i.e. a solid plant-based live food cuisine. Since you do well with liquid foods, you might consider eating The Four Means to Get Your Greens, as we describe on Day 83 of the 92-Day Program on Essentially your cuisine is made of:
1. Salad
2. Green Soup
3. Green Smoothie
4. Green Vegetable Juice
Katrina and I have Green Smoothie for breakfast, Salad for lunch, and Green Soup for dinner. You might do even better with Green Vegetable Juice for breakfast, Green Soup and a small salad for lunch, and Green Smoothie for dinner. You will find out.
This is still a cleansing/healing diet, and once you are at an ideal weight, Juice Feasting for 20-30 days, Spring and Fall, should be sufficient. You might enjoy Juice Feasting one day a week (say Sundays) as well, just to help your digestive system. I take it you are doing digestive enzymes, probiotics, and getting plenty of omega-3 fats in, including DHA. If I were you I would also supplement 2,000 IU per day of Vitamin D in the months you cannot get 20 minutes of full body sun exposure.
Thank you for your letter, and please keep us updated on how you are doing.
With peaceful steps,
David and Katrina Rainoshek


Penni said...

This is a really informative post. Thank you so much for sharing this. I think David has shared really good wisdom with you. This is a lifestyle and we're all moving in a healthier, more positive direction each step of the way. I applaud your hard work and your're such an awesome woman!

Tons of love!

RawBin said...

Thank you Penni, and right after I posted this I sort of lost all my ambition to go beyond 21 days. I started in with smoothies and juices. I'm still drinking way more juice than before and really enjoying it still. It's amazing what I became aware of in just 3 weeks! Health, emotions, comfort levels... I'm looking forward to doing another 21 day feast, maybe starting in August. The biggest disadvantage will be those first few days of adjustment. The biggest advantage will be the recall of how light and energetic I felt!
*giant toothy smile*