Saturday, June 14, 2008

Honoring the Veterans on Flag Day

Every summer the Maryland Arabian Horse Association(MAHA) travels to Colonial Beach, VA to ride in their parade. Each year they have a theme. One year the theme was the beach and Sweetie was dressed a bit like this: 

Last year's theme was watermen, so I figured a sailor should have a mermaid nearby, so I dressed as a mermaid (ooh look, I'm famous!) 

This year's theme, on Flag Day, was to honor our veterans. So I brought my horse loving niece along. 
Keri looks so cute and tiny on a striped horse!
I'm dressed as lady liberty, 
thanks to our friend 
Funny how I'm the only one wearing a great big smile. Is it all that juice? Everyone seemed hot. 
The heat wasn't really too bad, but it was good to get out of costume and back into the shade. Kathy is a little firecracker of ideas for these events, providing costumes, decorations, laughter and smiles. She even brought a bunch of cut up watermelon to share. (I had my green juice). Here's a little of what she had to say after the parade:


MAHA earned the “FIRST PLACE TROPHY” in the Colonial Beach Parade held in unison with the Potomac River Festival at Colonial Beach, VA.  The MAHA members, family and friends, did an astounding performance representing the club. The parade group dressed in various red, white and blue attire acknowledging the theme to “Honor Military Veterans and Active Duty”. The MAHA banner along with Service Military flags, adorned the front of the lead ATV driven by Karen M., a MAHA volunteer. Lynn S. drove the ATV pulling the “apple cart” with Michael W., retired Military Veteran, being the honorary “Apple Scooper”, Jimmy L., Military Veteran, took digital pictures, assisted in the “Apple Picker Duties” and enjoyed the crowd! Richard D. enjoyed his photographer role, passing out candy, and entertaining the crowd with his extraordinary comical talents! Horses were adorned with a variety of patriotic decorations. Robin A. and her niece, Keri B., were crowd pleasers as they both paraded their Arabs. Sweetie, Arab Grey, was painted to represent the US Flag and the enchanting Keri rode with grace and dignity! Robin dressed as “Lady Liberty” riding Dusty with the “proud to be an American” venue!  Our additional MAHA riders were Ellen W., Nancy E., Dub H., Ann R., a Military Veteran, Dick R., Connie C. and Kathy S.-W. 

I graciously extend thanks to all the MAHA parade participants for another outstanding performance! In addition, I give my ecstatic thanks to all our “behind the scenes” volunteers spending their time to make this parade a continuing success: Lynn S., Michael W., Jimmy L., Richard D., Karen M. and Frank H.!  

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