Monday, June 2, 2008

My first day of Juice Feasting

I'm heading out to Ocean City just for the day. Not much time to post much about yesterday. Since it was the first day of juicing though, I thought I should start it off right. 

Just something briefly to tell how it went. I woke early and made all my juices for the day. I sampled both the sweet and the savory and was pleasantly surprised that the savory tasted something like V8, only less salty(one of my complaints about regular V8). I pocketed the wafer from communion at church. After church was a huge end of year picnic. I watched my friends and family eating greasy food and was really amazed that once again there were no salads including raw veggies or fruits. Everything was wheaty, meaty, or very processed! I drank 3 bottles of water and left the picnic unharmed.
Got home, savored my juice, drank more water, and went to my parents to swim for a few hours with my daughter, my mom, and my friend, Susie. Came home late, finished the rest of my juice, and then mowed pasture until dark. The dog supervised my mowing.

What went into my first day's juicing
the savory made one quart:
1 tomato
half head celery
1 giant carrot and it's greens
1 baby onion
1/4 lb arugula
1/4 lb butter crunch lettuce
1 baby poc choi
2 handfuls blood beets
4 red radishes and their greens
4 white radishes and their greens
1 sliver of chili pepper

The sweet juice made 3 quarts:
1 apple
1 handful spinach
1 handful lettuce
1 handful arugula
1/2 lb seeded grapes
1 whole watermelon rind with 1/2 inch of pink still attached

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