Sunday, June 1, 2008

MY Last Supper

On Friday, I took my daughter for a procedure at Children's National Medical Center. The x-ray lab technician handed me a large lead apron to wear with an additional lead scarf to wrap around my neck. "To protect your thyroid," she said. So I donned the lead costume and watched as the technician positioned my daughter on the table and then hid behind the wall to the glass booth to push some buttons. As my daughter lay unprotected on the table, I had to fight the urge to run to her, scoop her up and run screaming from the room.

Fortunately it didn't last too long. Once finished, we were both pretty hungry. Since we were in Washington, on a whim, I suggested that we try a new restaurant in D.C. that I'd heard of. Willow wasn't fooled, "What? Is it raw?" It has a great selection of raw vegan dishes. My last chance eat out before beginning my Juice Feast on June 1st. I called my friend Shannon to get directions to Java Green. She reminded me to ask for DJ (the owner), who is our friend on GITMR. She said he'd set me up with something good.

We found the place pretty fast, and Willow ordered the Garden Burger. I didn't see DJ anywhere so I ordered the Spicy Kelp Noodle. While I paid, I asked the cashier if he was around. While we waited for our food, DJ came out to talk to me. We were wearing matching Green Festival t-shirts! I don't know when DJ got his, but Shannon and I got ours at the 2006 Green Festival.

After discussing the menu with DJ and realizing how many other items I also wanted to try, he rushed back to the kitchen and changed my order to a Trio Salad, which was sort of like a sampler platter of the three items I wanted to try most. Mine had Cucumber Radish Salad, Spicy Kelp Noodle and also Kimchi Cold Soup. I really should have taken a picture, but I ate it all before I thought of that. I did get my daughter to take a picture of DJ and me in our matching shirts before we left for home. On the way home, my daughter reminded me about how I've always lectured her about meeting people on the internet. I must admit that it was so nice going out to eat without having to explain to anyone what I mean by raw or meat, wheat, and dairy free. 


Joanna RawTn said...

Hee hee, awesome!

deaintheraw said...

Hey girl I will so be living off of Java Green food while in DC, I am another person "you met on the internet" so much for warning teens. I really do hope we get to hang out w/u for 1 day in August, still keeping it juicy in Italy xoxo Dea

Dhrumil said...

I love Java green.

I have a video that I'll be posting on them / about them this week.