Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Juice on the Road

Day two wasn't bad. I drank one quart while I juiced. I consumed 2nd quart of juice before we left for Ocean City. 

I worried that I wouldn't have enough juice for my road trip so I brought a cooler, with a quart of juice and a quart of water. I had two teens in the car with me, who brought a gallon of water with them, but pointed out fast food places along the way. I finally stopped at a subway after which I was engulfed in smells of meatballs and red sauce as I drank my juice. By the time we were at the Atlantic ocean, I had about 8 oz of juice left. 

I twittered my raw and juicy friends asking for addresses of local juice bars in O.C. with the hopes of replenishing my juice supply before heading back home. While I took care of my business in town, the teens walked down to the ocean. I checked my twitters by cell phone. RawTN was the first to reply followed closely by RawAllison. Thanks to my tweet friends, I was typing addresses into the GPS (just discovered that the Garmin nuvi now comes in PINK! How cute!). In less than a mile, I'd have my juice! 

We got to the "juice bar" and found that it was just a refrigerator at a health club. All they had were bottled juices and sodas. But, as they were giving me directions to another place, one of the employees said, "Your name doesn't happen to be Robin, does it? It turns out that she (Jenny) and I were in early high school together way back when... What? Like, 26 years ago?? I didn't imagine I looked the same, but I guess close enough, because she recognized me. It's funny, because when I first saw Julia Roberts, I thought of Jenny. She seemed so excited to see me.

We stopped by a fishing center on our way out of town and we found a boating shop where I tried to sell the shop keeper on the cruising guide. Next I went next door to the dock side bar and had 2 glasses of orange juice and one glass of grapefruit. The bartender squeezed them as I watched. 

In addition to slamming a few down at the bar, here's a list of what went into second day's juicing:

The sweet juice made 2 quarts.

1 apple

1/2 lb seeded grapes

1/2 watermelon rind with 1/2 inch of pink still attached

2 cups pineapple

1/2 head celery

1 cucumber

1 orange

1/2 lemon

The savory made two quarts.

1 tomato

half head celery

1 giant carrot and it's greens

1 baby onion

1 garlic clove

1/4 lb arugula

1/4 lb butter crunch lettuce

2 handfuls blood beets

2 red radishes and their greens

2 white radishes and their greens

1 sliver of chili pepper

1 cup butternut squash (not much juice from that!)


Anonymous said...

I love your photos and appreciate the recipes! Thanks for sharing!

RawBin said...

Thanks, Angela. I've gotten more simple with my juices lately (onto day 20). All of the fruit juices have been lovely and glorious, but the green ones have been varied. A couple of "mmm that's not bad..." and several "Gaaack, how am I gonna get this whole quart down?" I've learned to just juice up the meanest nastiest juices(arugula) and slug 'em down like shots. Then as a reward, I get my yummy sweet juices for the rest of the day. Ahhh!