Sunday, June 15, 2008

Gifts for Mom on Father's Day

My mom enjoys reading, hiking, and music. She enthusiastically attends every ceremony, concert, game, or activity that her children or grandchildren are involved in. She has always tried to encourage us to be the best we can, while doing what we like best. She and Dad even dress up to fit in at the Maryland Faerie Festival each year (check out THIS video)

Our most recent hike together was a brief one in southern Maryland earlier this spring. 
So, since we did several repairs for our Dad on Mother's Day, it only seemed right to do something nice for Mom on Father's day. As my older, older brother and his family showed Mom & Dad a new pool-side grill I snuck into the house to repair the light switch in the laundry area. Mom said she was only doing laundry during daylight hours because she couldn't get the light to turn on. Now she can spend her evenings doing laundry, just like Lily Tomlin. Then as my brother set up the grill and started a meal for the family, the kids and I vacuumed the pool. 
I think my brother was a little disappointed that I wouldn't eat his cooked food (I was in the middle of a juice feast) but I would have eaten this rawmmmburger, had it been offered. I made this dinner just a few days ago. I made a seed sauce and a mushroomburger. I served it on fresh lettuce and cucumbers straight from my garden. The tomatoes and corn on the cob were from the local produce stand down the road. When we were kids, my friend and I would ride our horses through the corn fields. We'd eat corn right off the stalks as we rode. They were sweet and juicy! Nothing like it!

For my seed sauce:
1/2 cup pine nuts
1/2 cup soaked sunflower seeds
1/2 tsp celtic sea salt
1/2 tsp kelp
1/2 tsp dulse
1/2 juiced lemon
1 whole red pepper
1/4 garlic clove
1 TB extra virgin olive oil
1 TB raw apple cider vinegar
First process nuts seeds and dry ingredients into a powder. 
Set aside. 
Then blend moist ingredients. Add dry ingredients to make a paste. Add water a tablespoon at a time to get desired consistency. (I like it thin enough to spread, thick enough to stick)

For this rawmmmburger I used portabella mushrooms, but if you use half shitake it keeps it from looking charbroil-burnt! Honestly, I just tossed some stuff into the processor after I finished making my seed sauce so I don't know the measurements, but my friend blaqberry has a wonderful looking "burger buster" recipe here that looks really good! 


Wendi Dee said...

What a lucky mom and dad to have you as their daughter, making life even more fun for them!

Their place is absolutely beautiful! WOW! And that sailboat is vibrant and peaceful-looking all at the same time.

The pictures of your food are yummy! I'm salivating and wanting to go make a cheesecake, while eating some corn on the cob. YUM!

Thanks for sharing, Rawbin!

Lots of love to you,


HiHoRosie said...

How CUTE are your parents?! How fun! And that's so great to have parents/grandparents so involved and supportive of their children.

And that burger? YUMMY! It looks fantastic - I want to snarf it now.

Linda Salas said...

wow you guys seem to have so much fun, I love how lighthearted they seem, and that burger ooh wow!!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, indeed everything seems to me like a beginning, lots of hills to climb yet, but we keep moving sister!!

Blaq Berry said...

Cuute!! Your Mom n Dad all dressed for the Festival. I'm definitely going when the next one rolls round. Loved seeing you on your horsie! :D OMG that Lily T. video was her. Did you ever see The Incredible Shrinking Woman?? fun movie :) Years later, I still make humorous references to it! And the theft commercial...I was rolling. The "laugh" got me :P I member seeing that one on TV some months back and it's still funny (sadfunny!)

Oh, goodie GOODIE!! I get to try your yummy looking sauce - eeyayeeee :D Now, if only I could grab a burger-to-go through the monitor!

Wonderful post!! Enjoyed reading about what you've been up to!

*good energy sprinkles*